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Karachi most affected by Naegleria: ICCBS


ICCBS study: 71% of Karachi water lacks chlorine, reveals University.

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, head of International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) of University of Karachi, whereas talking to specialists which are offshore said that the genotyping of Naegleria has been carried out by the Department of Biochemistry of University of Karachi.

In accordance with media reports, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal says that the examination of water samples taken from different regions of Karachi has revealed that the amount of chlorine into the water of 71% areas is really low or there’s absolutely no chlorine inside them.

He stated that Pakistan is in the stage that is second the countries affected by Naegleria and Karachi could be the most affected by Naegleria in Pakistan.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal said that the main cause of Naegleria is the water that is poor system, Naegleria is available in hot and fresh water and soil and will reside in warm water up to 44 degrees Celsius, while this amoeba dies in sodium or chlorine water. .

He said that 40 water examples were obtained from very different regions of 18 towns to test for Naegleria, the test revealed that 71% of the specific areas had almost no or no chlorine in water.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal said that the mortality fee amongst people contaminated with Naegleria is 98%, so residents should just take precautions to stop Naegleria.


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