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KWSB Employee Shot Killed in Manghopir Karachi.

KWSB Employee Shot Killed in Manghopir Karachi.

Unidentified assailant targets, the kills KWSB employee in Karachi’s.

Furqan Akhtar, a KWSB employee, was shot and killed by unknown assailants in the Hub Reservoir Water Board Colony in the vicinity of Manghopir, according to information.

Furqan Akhtar was targeted, according to a statement from the police, as he descended from the hilltop KWSB water reservoir. The KWSB employee was stationed at Karachi’s water supply hub canal.

Furqan was killed by unidentified motorcycle riders who intercepted him while he was returning from the Board’s water filtration facility atop a hill, according to the police. For medical and legal procedures, the body has been moved by the police to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

In the meantime, the crime scene contained two 9mm shot casings, and according to the police, preliminary examination shows it was a targeted homicide. The fact that the victim’s motorcycle is also gone suggests that the murderers took it.

Two workers were shot dead last month when unknown persons opened fire on a fire station in Karachi‘s Korangi neighborhood close to Bilal Chowrangi.

Details indicate that two unknown males rushed the fire station and shot randomly, killing two employees and wounding one. The fourth employee, meantime, escaped the scene and preserved his life.

When two armed people stormed the premises, Mehboob was on guard duty while Zeeshan was on operator duty, according to an eyewitness who spoke to the media and went by the name Zeeshan.

The unidentified accused opened fire on the four employees after they had been collected up, instantly killing two of them. Amir and Mehboob have been named as the deceased.

In the meantime, Zeeshan, a fourth worker, and eyewitness were able to flee and hide in the workplace. At Jinnah Hospital, the injured and the deceased have been taken.


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