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Last Date for Release of Election Results, Election Commission

The ECP has issued instructions to make the election results public.

The ECP has issued strict instructions to all provincial election commissioners and returning officers to speed up the release of election results.

The Chief Election Commissioner, while issuing the order, has set a strict deadline of half an hour for the Returning Officers (ROs) to announce the results.

According to the Chief Election Commissioner, who emphasized the importance of quick distribution of results, Election Returning Officers and Provincial Election Commissioners will face serious consequences if the results are not released on time.

The Election Commission’s commitment to efficiency and transparency in the electoral process is reflected in this strict stance. The Chief Elections Commissioner asserted that postponing the publication of the results could undermine the legitimacy of the democratic system and erode public confidence.

Although it is important to note that the ECP has not declared any results yet. Although media organizations have reported unofficial results from their sources, the ECP has not confirmed these results.

The move to set strict deadlines for declaration of results reflects the ECP determination to maintain the integrity of the electoral process and ensure fair and transparent elections.

It is expected that the adoption of this order will speed up the reporting process and provide accurate and timely information to the public.

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