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Madani Healthcare Center Inauguration by FGRF

Madani Healthcare Center inaugurated in Karachi’s FB area under FGRF.

Madani Healthcare Center is the first hospital of its kind in Pakistan where you are treated according to Shariah.

Objective of establishing Madani Health Centre

The objective of Madani Healthcare Center is to provide quality hospital services to the people who are suffering from inflation. Here, compared to other hospitals, the supervise and organize method is being reduced.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, who is working as a medical director, says that the main purpose of this health center is to serve the people, there is no element of earning in our work, our purpose is not to put any kind of pressure on the patient. Is. Here, no unnecessary tests or medicines are prescribed to the patient.

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On entering through the reception door, you will go to the reception where you will be given a token and then you will go to the vital area where you will undergo a check-up including BP, sugar and weight. From there the data will be updated directly to the doctor. Then that patient will wait for his number according to his token.


This health center has the following facilities.

  • Family Physicians
  • Experts in all fields
  • Emergency care
  • Diagnostic services
  • Laboratory services
  • Radiology Services
  • Ultra sonography
  • ECG
  • Pharmacy

This health center has other features.

. Here, male and female wards are completely separate and there is full curtain arrangement for women.

The fee of this health center is only 300 rupees which is much less than the fee of any standard hospital while your treatment is very standard. This fee not only covers your check-up but also provides you with quality medicines.

. Medicines are also prescribed to you only under the diagnosed condition. Unnecessary drugs are not prescribed.

. Here, the doctor prescribes medical tests for you only as needed, no tests are prescribed unnecessarily.

. The health center offers you a clean and fully air-conditioned environment.

. In this center, each consultant doctor has a separate chamber and specialist family physicians are also present. In addition to diagnosing and treating disease, these family physicians also provide preventive care, including routine checkups, immunizations, and screening tests and other tests.

. Standard blood bank is also available here. Blood donation and collection is available around the clock. This center has a large supply of red blood cells and platelets.

. One of the most important parts of the hospital is the indoor pharmacy. A doctor’s prescription is given to the patient. The nursing staff makes a copy, writes it in a book or requisition form, and sends it to the pharmacy. According to standard labeling, the pharmacist prepares the medication as a single dose or as a multi-dose regimen as directed by hospital management.


Madani Medical Health Center has officially started. This health center has a vision to spread the good work further so that more patients can benefit from it. The facility is there, the most important thing is that here all treatment is done according to Shariah.

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