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Mansha Pasha Responds to Naseeruddin’s Statement Regarding Sindhi

Mansha Pasha counters Naseeruddin Sindhi language remark, sparking.

The actor Naseeruddin’s Statement claimed in a recent interview that Sindhi is no longer speaking in Pakistan, a claim that has drawn a lot of criticism and backlash, Mansha Pasha a Pakistani Actress, was one prominent voice in the opposition who passionately disagreed with Shah’s claim and emphasized her own personal experience as a Sindhi-speaking Pakistani.

Mansha tweeted her disapproval while highlighting her own experiences as a Sindhi speaker at home and in her daily life:

Pasha’s remark has a lot of weight because he is a well-known member of the Sindhi community, and it is a crucial reminder of Pakistan’s linguistic variety.

Furthermore, Shah has come under fire for his ignorant remarks from Social Media users as well as Pasha. The criticism of Shah has drawn attention to the general dissatisfaction and rage felt by Pakistanis who are proud of their Sindhi identity and Language.

Naseeruddin’s statement, whether deliberate or not, shows a lack of knowledge about Pakistan’s linguistic diversity.

Public leaders like Naseeruddin Shah must use prudence and do their homework before making pronouncements about subjects they may not be fully educated about. When uttered by powerful people, such assertions have the potential to spread erroneous information and erase linguistic variation.

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