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“Margaux” on Netflix: Why AI Technology can be Scary

In Margaux, a Netflix thriller, a smart house weekend becomes scary.

“Margaux,” a film directed by Steven C. Miller, opens with a chilling scenario in which a couple is killed by their smart house. The narrative then shifts to a group of friends organizing a weekend getaway together.

In the film, Madison Pettis plays Hannah, the coder who doesn’t use social media, and the group skeptic, who is Margaux’s most difficult foe. However, the actress’s portrayal is so muddled that it makes you doubt if the character actually understands the tech jargon she’s saying. Vanessa Morgan of Riverdale portrays Drew’s girlfriend Lexi, while Jedidiah Goodacre plays Drew, who first met Hannah during his first year of college. As a relationship, there is zero chemistry between them.

One thing that the film nails is Susan Bennett’s dual role as Siri’s voice and that of Margaux. Susan’s Margaux tries to be the group’s buddy by completing all of their victories and winning them over with her skills. She also delivers the best lines in the movie, keeping up with the latest Gen Z lingo to keep them entertained.

Overall, there are a lot of gory moments in this suspenseful thriller, and it’s unclear why the smart house wants to kill everyone who enters.

Another flaw in the film is the motivation for the smart house, which leaves viewers wondering why the dishonest AI thought it would be best to murder every visitor.

Not to mention, this film highlights the darker side of technology that it can be both lethal and terrifying.

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