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Martyrdom of Hazrat Ali

Significance of Hazrat Ali’s (RA) Assassination in Islamic History.

The crime of killing Hazrat Ali (RA) is the most merciless, brutal, and heinous crime because it is no longer against a single man but against the entire rational Islamic system. It is considered one of the most heinous crimes of all time.

By killing Hazrat Ali, they actually wanted to kill the Muslim nation as well as the message, history and subculture that had been embedded in the life of Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib.

  • Date of birth, 10 Rajab.
  • Birthday, Friday.
  • Place of birth, inside Kaaba.
  • Bringing Islam, Hazrat Ali was the first among the children to convert to Islam.
  • Martyrdom, 21st of Ramadan.

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The incident of the martyrdom of Ali (RA)

He ruled until 661 CE, when he was praying on the 19th of Ramadan in the Great Mosque of Kufa, modern Iraq, when Ibn Muljam, an Egyptian expatriate, stabbed him with a poisoned sword, wounding him. It proved fatal. Hazrat Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, died on the 21st of Ramadan at the age of 63, after suffering for three days.

Three days duration

Hazrat Ali, may God bless him and grant him peace, entrusted his son Imam Hassan with the leadership of ruling the nation ideologically and socially for these three days. These three days were spent by Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) in remembering and praising Allah.

He, may God be pleased with him, continued to give such advice and tips that lead to the truth, point to the right, show the way of guidance, show the way of salvation, invite to follow the commandments of God. And caution against following your unwanted dreams.

The advice and guidance of Hazrat Ali:

One of the advices he gave to his sons Imam Hasan (A.S.) and Imam Hussain (A.S.) as well as to his compatriots, nation and future generations is this.

I admonish you to fear Allah and not to doubt Him, and not to resent what you have been prevented from doing. Proclaim the truth and step up for Allah. Be the enemy of the oppressor and be the helper of the oppressed.

I admonish you, your children, your family, and all who may hear my message, to be mindful of Allah, to arrange your affairs properly, and the members of the family to be together.

Fear Allah while believing in the Holy Quran, and take care that no one can surpass you in following its principles.

By the Lord of the Kaaba, I am successful, fear Allah and establish prayer, for it is the pillar of your faith.

Fear Allah in Jihad, fight in the way of Allah with your wealth, your life and your tongues.

Communicate and give and take is essential. Do not turn your faces away from each other. Now do not cease to exhort the good and prevent from the evil, lest the impure people take possession of you. In such a case, Allah does not accept your prayers.

As a result of the death of Hazrat Ali, the nation lost the following things:

  • The bravery that had become the national anthem of the time.
  • A heroic history that no one could have imagined.
  • A purity which the prophets displayed to the best of their ability.
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