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NADRA New CNIC Policy Issued

NADRA issue Computerized National Identity Cards to Pakistani citizen.

National Identity Card (NIC) is the computerized counterpart of CNIC.

National Identity Card System of Pakistan

Pakistan introduced its National Identity Card system in 1973 under Article 30 of the Second Amendment. The card was issued manually in a handwritten paper form by the Directorate General of Registration (DGR) The first such NIC was that of the then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

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After the establishment of NADRA, the National Identity Card (NIC) was shifted to Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC). In which the applicant needs to provide digital fingerprint biometrics for issuing an ID card. NADRA later launched the Smart Card (SNIC) in 2012, a chip-based identity card that captures the bio-data of cardholders in English.

New card-making policy

NADRA has issued a new policy for making a new identity card, now the card will be issued under this policy.

The points of the policy are listed below

1. NADRA has abolished the power of verification held by former and future chairmen and councilors.

2. For the new CNIC or form (B), the condition of the birth certificate is over, the matriculation certificate is over, and the card will be made on the passport or domicile.

3. No need to go to the gazetted officer, the cardholder will be able to self-verify the form of his father, brother, or any family member.

4. Must have matriculation certificate, passport, domicile, and NIC of parents.

5. Women will not need a marriage certificate for the card. The wife’s card will be made on the husband’s card, and only a stamp paper of 20 rupees will be applied.

6. Citizens of FATA will be able to make cards from any city.

7. In case of loss of the card, there is no need to file an FIR, a new card will be obtained by giving a stamp paper affidavit of loss.

8. To receive the card, one has to go to the office with the original token. If a relative goes, take the authorization letter from him and the card will be received.

9. No need to advertise in newspapers for a name change, the NADRA officer will interview and give comments for a new card.


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