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Netflix Removed the Film After Backlash from Hindu Groups

Netflix removed the Nayanthara film after backlash from Hindu groups.

An Indian film that faced backlash for “hurting Hindu religious sentiments” has been pulled from Netflix, just days after it began streaming.

Netflix said the Tamil-language film – Annapurani: The Goddess of Food – was removed at the “request of its licensor”.

In the film, actor Nayanthara plays the role of a Hindu Brahmin woman who aspires to become a chef.

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He is shown going against his family’s religious beliefs and eating meat and learning to cook it. Many Brahmins do not eat meat according to strict caste rules.

Members of hardline Hindu organizations objected to this and other scenes in the film, in which an actress is shown praying before cooking biryani.

Some Hindus also expressed displeasure at a scene where a Muslim character says that the Hindu god Rama eats meat.

The producers of the film have not yet officially commented on the matter.

A police case has also been registered against Nayanthara and two other people associated with the film in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Supporters of hardline Hindu groups have accused several films and shows of insulting religious sentiments in recent years. In 2021, the cast and crew of the Amazon Prime show, Tando, apologized after being accused of mocking Hindu deities.

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