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Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Series Final to Air Later This Year

Next month, highly awaited season of ‘The Crown’ will be available.

A fictionalized portrayal of the British royal family, “The Crown,” which debuted on Netflix in late 2016, is loosely based on actual historical events.

On Netflix, the show will be available in two parts. The highly acclaimed historical drama’s sixth season will begin streaming on November 16 with the first episode, followed by the second and final episode on December 14 for on-demand viewing.

It has developed a devoted following all over the world, garnered numerous prestigious honors, including 21 Emmys, and sparked controversy in Britain over allegations of inaccurate portrayals of the royal family.

The upcoming season is anticipated to focus on the 1997 Paris automobile crash that claimed the lives of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed, and their driver Henri Paul. Dodi Fayed was the son of the late business billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed.

In season five, viewers saw the couple getting to know one another. Additionally, it is anticipated to depict Tony Blair’s tenure as prime minister and the early romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The early and middle 1990s, a difficult time for the royal family that saw the divorce of Princess Diana and the future King Charles III, were explored in the previous season of “The Crown.”

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