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Outbreak of Goat Plague in Kirthar is Taking its Toll

KARACHI: the endemic population of ibex in Sindh’s Kirthar National Park has started suffering from a strange viral disease known as goat plague.

The disease, known as goat plague, has killed countless ibex over the past three months.

The disease is reported to have spread to the local population of ibex, mostly from domestic goats.

The Sindh Wildlife Department has received several alerts from concerned people about the alarming situation.

Experts said that this virus causes swelling in the eyes and the infected animal avoids eating and drinking. This results in the tragic death of these magnificent creatures. Caprine plague usually affects wild sheep and goats, including ibex.

Around 25,000 ibex live in Kirthar, a place known for its beautiful scenery and unique species.

Conservation authorities in Sindh are currently trying to contain the spread of the disease and protect this important part of the ecosystem.

According to sources, Sindh Wildlife Department spokesperson Javed Mehr issued a warning against spreading false information about the outbreak.

He stressed that the disease can be spread by insects such as some species of flies when wild animals go out in search of food and its prevalence often increases during this season.

A Review of the Causes

The exact cause and causes of the outbreak are still being investigated, but the local government has asked locals to be on the lookout for any strange wildlife behavior or signs of ibex disease.

Efforts are also being made to increase public awareness of the importance of avoiding contact between domestic goats and wild ibex populations, to prevent the spread of the disease, he added.

The goat plague epidemic is a stark reminder of the precarious balance between human efforts and the protection of the natural environment.

In the troubled region of Kirthar, efforts are being made to protect these beautiful ibex and their fragile habitat.

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