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Pakistan Cricket Team in India Suffering from Disease

Pakistani cricketers’ health crisis in India as many players fall ill.

At least four to five Pakistan players are afflicted with a viral chest disease that has spread throughout the team.

Several players on the team experienced high fevers due to a serious chest infection, according to team sources.

Notably, Osama Mir, the leg-spinner, was among the most severely affected; he had to spend five days in isolation after contracting an infection.

Fortunately, Osama Mir tested negative for every test that was performed on him, including COVID-19 and dengue.

In spite of the initial setback, Osama Mir’s rehabilitation is progressing as expected. He is reportedly feeling better and is once more open for selection, according to sources.

Shaheen Shah Afridi, another important player, was also afflicted by a bacterial infection that was viral. Without delay, Shaheen was brought to a hospital and given intravenous antibiotics.

Abdullah Shafiq has an extremely high temperature, and the team’s medical staff is keeping a close eye on him. To decide on the best course of action, doctors are performing extensive tests.

The team’s worries are increased by the fact that Zaman Khan is reportedly afflicted with a virus.

The media manager for the squad acknowledged the players’ illness and disclosed that the planned practice session for today had to be canceled because of health concerns that some members of the national team were experiencing.

Even though the circumstances are difficult, the squad is concentrating on the recuperation of the injured players and will probably make the required changes to protect their welfare.

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