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Pakistani Adeel Chaudhry is the First Foodie on Forbes

Pakistani Adeel Chuadhry is the First Foodie on Forbes

Adeel Chaudhry recognized as first Pakistani food expert and featured.

Adeel Chaudhry is the magazine’s first Pakistani appreciator to be featured. The owner of the Junoon and Bohat Aala restaurants in Lahore is the world’s most-watched Pakistani food vlogger in 2022.

Adeel Chaudhry was humbled by Forbes’ praise for him. Tuesday, the foodie made a lovely remark. Caption:

Food unites borders. #bohatalaa Pakistani food has hundreds of millions of views all over the world. support me in achieving my goal of putting Pakistani food and culture on the World map.

‘And a big shout out to all the amazing Chefs, Content Creators, and die hard foodies of Pakistan for doing incredible work to promote Pakistani food, and you all are my Followers.’ #bohataala

“Pakistani food doesn’t get the credit it deserves,” Adeel continued. Our food is not only unique, but it is also evolving. Furthermore, it gives outsiders an idea of what we’re like as people: warm and welcoming.

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