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Pakistani Boxer Missing after Stealing Money from Teammate

A Pakistani boxer has missing after stealing money from teammate bag.

Secretary of Pakistani Boxing Federation Colonel Nasir Tung while talking to private channel confirmed that national boxer Zohaib Rashid stealing money from the bag of teammate and said that when the female boxer went out for training, Zohaib Rashid took the female boxer’s bag. He escaped with the pound.

Pakistan’s boxing team is in Italy these days where the qualifying rounds of the Paris Olympics are going on. The Pakistan team includes three male and two female boxers.

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Colonel Retired Nasir Tung said that Zohaib Rasheed did not even come for his first fight and the boxer who was competing against Zohaib Rasheed in the 51 kg category was given a walk-over.

Zohaib Rasheed has not been seen since yesterday, according to the Pakistan Boxing Federation secretary, and a police report has been made.

He claimed that the female boxer’s bag contained 250 pounds, or roughly 88 thousand Pakistani rupees.

It should be mentioned that in the 2022 Asian Championship, Zohaib Rasheed took home a bronze medal. Additionally, Zohaib Rasheed holds a junior medal.

The boxing team from Pakistan is under scrutiny due to the absence of Zohaib Rasheed, raising questions about discipline and sportsmanship among the team members.

The incident serves as a sad reminder of the difficulties encountered by athletes on and off the field as officials continue their search for Rasheed.

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