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Pakistan’s Barter Trade with Iran, Russia and Afghanistan

Government initiates B2B Barter Trade for Iran, Afghanistan, & Russia.

A barter trade notification has also been issued because of the Ministry of Commerce, allowing state-owned businesses and private industry organizations to interact in both the import and export of goods in this link.

The growth comes 8 weeks after the national Cabinet authorized a policy to market barter trade for increasing Pakistan’s trade this is certainly regional.

“Application for authorization of import and export of products beneath the B2B barter trade facility will be submitted online by the trader or their authorized broker through the system that is online the regulating collector,” the notice said.

The trade of products under a B2B Barter Trade arrangement will probably be allowed from the concept of “import followed by export” and export would meet up with the worth of brought-in goods.

The ministry has actually identified some 26 goods that can be shipped to Afghanistan, Iran, and Russia milk this certainly includes lotion, eggs and cereal, animal meat and fish products, fruits and vegetables, rice, salt, pharmaceutical products, completed leather-based and leather clothing, footwear, metallic, and activities goods.

The federal government features notified the merchandise to be brought in from Afghanistan, including fruits and peanuts, veggies and pulses, herbs, minerals and metals, coal and its particular items, natural rubber things, natural hides and skins, cotton, and metal and metallic.

From Iran, Pakistani importers are allowed to import fruits, peanuts, veggies, spices, nutrients and metals, coal, and relevant items, petroleum crude oil, LNG and LPG, chemical products, fertilizers, articles of plastics and rubber, raw hides and skins, raw wool and articles of iron and metal.

From Russia, Pakistani traders will be permitted to transfer pulses, wheat, coal and related services and products, petroleum oils including crude, LNG, and LPG, fertilizers, tanning, and dying extracts, articles of synthetic and rubberized, minerals and metals, chemicals items, articles of iron and metallic, and items of textile machinery that is industrial.

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