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Papaya Leaf Juice Can Even Kill Dengue Patients: Consultants

Papaya Leaf Juice Can Even Kill Dengue Patients Consultants

The rising number of dengue cases throughout the nation has prompted people to use papaya leaf juice as a house treatment for it.

Senior health consultants in Karachi, including infectious diseases consultants and gastroenterologists, have warned against its use, saying that the extract has “absolutely no role” in increasing platelet count. They added that all it does is cause extreme diarrhea which can be deadly for patients who need enough fluids to avoid dengue shock syndrome.

Dr. Saqib Ansari, a senior clinician, disclosed on Sunday that a younger, severely sick dengue patient had almost died after her attendants gave her papaya leaf juice with out consulting her docs, the News reported. Papaya leaf juice resulted in extreme diarrhea and vomiting as her platelets continued to drop day by day.

Several other medical professionals have also affirmed the concept papaya leaf extract causes extra hurt than good. Renowned infectious diseases expert and former Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM), Dr. Faisal Sultan, denied that the extract has any medicinal benefits against dengue.

The head of Infectious Diseases at Indus Hospital Karachi, Dr. Naseem Salahuddin, also advised patients against using home remedies against dengue as medical professionals know how you can deal with the illness effectively now. He stated that papaya leaf extract has nothing to do with dengue therapy and that the one way is to consume plenty of fluids and bring the fever down with antipyretic analgesics.

Dr. Salahuddin defined that it’s pure for the platelets count to drop earlier than growing without any pharmaceutical intervention in the viral fever.

Moreover, Dr. Tasneem Ahsan, a well-known endocrinologist and the former Executive Director at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) also concurred there isn’t a scientific proof to assist the theory that papaya leaf juice is useful for dengue hemorrhagic fever patients.

However, Dr. Junaid Patel remarked that stated whereas he doesn’t recommend home remedies like papaya leaf extract, he allows their use so long as correct hygiene is maintained during their preparation.

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