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PCB Suggests Moving Asia Cup 2023 to Pakistan

Ashraf proposes moving Asia Cup to Pakistan over Sri Lanka’s weather.

Ashraf’s request is primarily motivated by the weather unpredictability in Sri Lanka, which led him to demand a thorough weather assessment in the upcoming days. He has proposed transferring the Asia Cup games to Pakistan as a solution, specifically mentioning the possibility of having the Pakistan-India games played in Dubai if necessary.

After speaking on the phone about the effects of rain on Pakistan vs. India matches in Sri Lanka, Ashraf made this remark. Jay Shah is the president of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

The Asia Cup Super 4 stage matches, which were originally scheduled to take place on September 9 in Colombo, may also be moved to different locations like Pallekele or Hambantota. The Asian Cricket Council and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) are currently in conversation about this.

The SLC official, who wished to remain unnamed, said, “A decision will be taken tomorrow or the day after,” underlining that Dambulla was not one of the locations under consideration.

Ashraf has previously emphasized the Asia Cup’s importance as a premier cricket competition and the necessity of avoiding rain-related delays. He therefore thinks that if Sri Lanka’s weather continues to be adverse, moving the games to Pakistan should be seriously considered.

In response to Ashraf’s suggestion, Jay Shah has promised that the circumstance will be carefully assessed.

Notably, rain had a big impact on the Pakistan-India encounter in Kandy, leaving no clear winner.

Due to unfavorable rain conditions, today’s match between India and Nepal is also in danger of being canceled. The Asia Cup 2023 matches and possible move to Pakistan are hotly anticipated by the cricketing community.

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