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PM Approves Special Allowance for Grades 1–16 Federal Ministry Workers

PM grants special federal ministry employees (Grades 1-16) exemption.

As per reports, the PM has approved a special exemption allowance for grade 1 to 16 workers in federal ministry or divisions, except those employed by the President’s Secretariat, which is both public and private, as well as the PM office, both internal and external.

The exclusions will take effect on January 1, 2023, and the Finance Team has also notified the anomaly committee to deal with any issues that may arise.

Through their various unions and representatives, federal government employees have lobbied for changes to their cadres’ service contractors as well as base on financial relief.

Most of the demands these workers/organizations made sought parity with the benefits the regional governments had already granted.

They urged that the positions of second division clerk and upper division clerk be elevating from BPS-09 to BPS-11 and BPS 11 to BPS 14, correspondingly.

Likewise, they are proposing that personnel in BPS 01 to 05 be allocates two higher pay scales and those in BPS 06 to BPS 16 be grant one higher pay scale each.

On February 11, 2021, All Government Employees Grand Alliance (AGEGA) and the Ministers of Defence, Interior, and Parliamentary Affairs reached a settlement that, among other things, called for the strengthening of posts in compliance with the Government of KR.

With the exception of the demands connects to upgrading, all of the demands decide upon in the aforementioned agreement are meet, resulting in ongoing discontent and agitation among the employees.

The Ministry of Finance has in-principle approval, as per sources, to provide a higher pay scale as a one-time exemption to the incumbents in BPS-01 to BPS-05 if they have not yet taken advantage of the time scale under the Time Scale Policy, 2022 Their actual pay scales will stay the same, though.

If they have used the time scale under the Time Scale Policy-2022, the incumbents in BPS-01 to BPS-05 will receive a one-time dispensation for a higher pay scale. They will continue to receive their regular income, though.

If the incumbents in BPS-06 to 15 have not yet taken an advantage of time scales under the Time Grade Policy-2022, they will give a one-time dispensation to the following higher pay scale. Their actual pay scales will stay the same, though.

An employee whose current BPS is 17 or above is not eligible for this exemption under any circumstances.

As a one-time concession, the incumbents in BPS 6 to 15 who have already prospered from the time scale under Time Scale Policy-2022 will only receive one further pay raise above their current pay scale.

Employees in BPS-16 will receive a one-time dispensation for one additional increment

Due to changes in the credential, the position of lower division clerk will move from BPS 09 to BPS 11, and the role of upper division clerk from BPS 11 to 13 along with the incumbent.

It is also advocate that the aforementioned exceptional exemption shall be subject to conditions, such as the dispensation shall only be admissible to those Federal Civil Servants in BPS-01 to 16 (apart from Employees Paid out of Defense Estimates) who are receiving Disparity Reduction Allowances.



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