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Police Formed Team to Investigate The Drug scandal

Bahawalpur Police forms special team for drug scandal at Islamia Uni.

After hearing from students about the widespread drug use on campus, RPO Bahawalpur Rai Babar Saeed organized 5 person special investigation team to look into the situation. The scandal made it known that narcotics were being sold to female students as a form of extortion and harassment.

The SHO of the involved police station and the investigation officer have been added to the team, along with SP Investigation, DSP Crime, and DSP Legal Team.

The notification states that the formation of the investigation team is intended to ensure a transparent probe, and that the SP Investigation has been instructed to deliver the report as soon as possible.

It should be emphasized that Islamia University Bahawalpur has experienced a drug controversy. 5000 pornographic videos were also found on the mobile device of the detained head security officer, Ijaz Shah, it was also reported.

The police are reportedly making an effort to quash the allegations that the films are part of a plot to malign the university.

Abbas Shah, DPO, has denied the accusations. He said that 113 university students had drug scandal records that had been made public.

In this regard, the report forwarded to Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi showed that Ejaz Shah was found to have hundreds of tapes of female pupils.

As part of the campaign against having pornographic recordings and photos of pupils, police have detained a staff member.

First arrests happened when Ijaz, the security advisor, was detained by police during a search after they discovered drugs on him. Following a raid, the finance director Abu Bakar and the in-charge of transportation Muhammad were also detained.

Baghdad-ul-Jadid Police Station

Muhammad Altaf’s right pocket contained eight grams of ice, or crystal methamphetamine, according to a case that was reported to the Baghdad-ul-Jadid Police Station. Under the Control of Narcotic Substances Act, the complaint was filed.

According to a police inquiry, 400 pornographic movies and photographs were discovered during the course of the probe. A forensic investigation was done, and the results were handed to the interim chief minister of Punjab by the authorities.

Syed Ijaz, the university chief security officer, was detained by police when they allegedly found cocaine in his hands. On his mobile phones, police allegedly discovered obscene material related to female university employees and students.

According to the police, it was discovered that a drug dealer student who attended the university maintained communication with Ijaz coworkers. After court accepted his judicial remand till July 24, Ijaz Shah was in police custody.

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