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Pope Francis Denounces the Swedish Defilement of Holy Quran

Pope Francis condemns Holy Quran burning in Sweden as a “vile acts.”

The remarks of Pope Francis were made in reaction to the most recent desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden, which occurred last week when a man lit a copy of the holy book on fire outside a mosque in the nation’s capital.

Pope Francis stated this in an interview that was published on Monday in the United Arab Emirates daily Al Ittihad.

“Any book considered holy like Quran should be respected to respect those who believe in it,”

“I’m embarrassed and enraged by these behaviors”.

“Freedom of speech must never be used to denigrate others, and doing so is unacceptable and condemned”.

Several nations, notably Turkey, whose support Sweden needs to join the Nato military alliance, strongly condemned the heinous burning of the Holy Quran.

While Swedish police have recently turned down multiple requests for anti-Quran protests, judges have overturned those judgments, claiming they violated the right to free speech.

However, An Islamic coalition of 57 countries stated on Sunday that international law should be used to eliminate religious intolerance and that collective action is required to end acts of desecration of the Quran.

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