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Possible Severe Earthquake in Pakistan in 48 Hours

Underground fault: Pakistan braces for possible large quake in 2 days.

The earthquake sensor research institute has noted an increase in electric charge oscillations in space near the ocean, which may cause a large earthquake in the green-hued parts of the map, which encompass the entire Pakistan region, in the coming days.

The SSGS (Seismology, Seismography, and Geological Survey) has identified the Grass Fault Line as an area with a very high potential for a strong earthquake. According to SSGS, there is presently no accurate means to pinpoint exact sites, hence these estimations are simply approximations.

It’s worth recalling that on February 3 of last year, Frank Hoger, the director of the Research Institute’s Solar System Geomagnetic Survey, issued a warning that a 7.5-magnitude earthquake would soon occur in southern central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Just three days later, his seismic forecast came true.

The deadliest earthquake to ever hit Turkey and Syria struck on February 6th, leaving millions injured. It is obvious that science now fully understands the causes of the extensive destruction brought on by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Since the earthquakes, scientists from all across the world have been researching how severe earthquakes are and what causes the widespread devastation they produce.

According to geologists, on February 6th, about 12 miles away from one another in southern Turkey and northern Syria, two sizable tectonic plates clashed, causing the most damaging earthquake in Turkey’s 80-year history to occur with a 7.8 magnitude. However, a second 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the same region contributed to the destruction 9 hours later.

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