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Public Troll on Asim Azhar at US, Asim gets Shamed on his Fat Body

Singer Asim Azhar face online trolls and body-shaming post in concert.

Eminent singer Asim Azhar, currently surviving in America at US Concert, shared a picture of him on top of a show on his development that are individual, the singer turned up healthier than normal within the claimed picture.

After revealing the picture, Asim Azhar needed seriously to face body shaming from Fans. One news which are social commented that Asim Azhar might be planning to break Adnan Sami’s record, whereas another user advised the singer to participate gym.

The trend of body shaming people that are popular prevailing despite many campaigns to get rid of thoughts being such nevertheless previously numerous famous people received critique by their particular admirers after exposing moments where they seem to be overweight and even put on weight when compared with their particular normal body.

Everything began when Asim Azhar sent a few images of his concert from his trip to the US to the hotel where the Singer was staying.

Since a few months ago, he has chosen a different look and is frequently seen donning loose clothing. Social media users used the occasion to body shame and insult the singer.

Asim, however, came under criticism from online users who thought he was gaining weight. What people on social media had to say about his reported weight increase was as follows:

Public Troll on Asim Azhar at US Concert, Asim gets Shamed on his Fat Body

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