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Rashid Latif Says Players Haven’t Received Salaries for 5 Months

Latif accuses PCB of unpaid player salaries and blames the chairman.

Rashid Latif exposé is released at a crucial moment, as Pakistan, having lost four of their last six matches in the present Cricket World Cup in India, could be eliminated early.

This comes after Pakistan, who are now in sixth place in the Cricket World Cup points table, lost to South Africa by one wicket.

“The chairman has received messages from Barbar Azam. However, he is not answering. He even texted PCB COO Salman Naseer. However, he also remained silent. What is the cause of his lack of response to his captain? You are then distributing a press release. It is also stated that there will be a rework of the central contracts. It has been five months since players got their wages. On PTV Sports, Latif questioned if the players should pay attention to him.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has not yet responded to Latif’s allegations.

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