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Samsung Presented a New 360 Degrees Foldable Screen


A new prototype screen from Samsung Display called “Flex In & Out” can fold both inwards and outwards. This minimizes the ugly crease while enabling the hinge to fold the device 360 degrees.

The prototype was obtained by The Verge staff, although it is unknown when the new screen and hinge would appear on devices sold in stores.

The new hinge, which is reportedly as thick as the existing Galaxy Z Fold, enables the smartphone to fold entirely without leaving a little gap in the center.

Samsung Presented a New 360 Degrees Foldable Screen

Additionally, the prototype has components that enable the panel to flex easily without straining.

The development of a new class of foldable phones without a cover display would be made possible by this innovative design idea.

Samsung Presented a New 360 Degrees Foldable Screen

By doing so, the additional room would be made available for larger batteries and camera sensors without adding to the phone’s thickness.

As was already noted, the Samsung Flex In & Out is simply a concept gadget, and it is unknown when such technology will be used in commercial devices.

Phantom Vision V by Tecno

Similar to this, the Chinese phone manufacturer Tecno unveiled a brand-new concept gadget with a screen that could move and fold.

It may fit in your pocket and is intended to take the place of pills. However, it can slide out and fold to a full 10.1 inches, which is the same size as Apple’s standard iPads.

360 Degrees Foldable Screen


The largest foldable screen measures up to 8.02 inches for comparison.

According to Tecno, the enormous screen has 11 functional layers to keep it flexible and strong.


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