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School Bus Firing, One Student Died & Six Injured

In Swat Valley, a policeman accidentally shot a school bus Tuesday.

Killing one student and injured six others. In Southern Pakistan , a policeman opened firing on school bus carrying teachers and students, killing one student and injured a number of others.

According to reports in the local media, one girl was died and six other people, including a school teacher, were injured while travelling in the Sangota district of Swat. When law enforcement officers got on the scene. The deployed policeman was taken into custody while the injured were taken to a hospital for treatment.

Aisha, who was seven years old, was identified as the dead. Injuries were sustained by Ishal, 16, Roma, 9, Wajeeha, Horain, 9, Hareem, and a teacher, Nahida, 35.

Senior officials were informed by the officer, who was named Mohammad Alam, that he had unintentionally started a fire on school van.

The incident produced a great outcry, and District Police Officer DPO informed the media that the accused is in jail and that investigations are taking place. The officer also gave the public a guarantee of justice, saying the at-fault officer would be held accountable for his careless behaviour.

District Police Officer Shafiullah Gandapur stated to the media that the suspect was detained right away following the incident and that a FIR had been filed.

In the same Swat region last year, an attack on a school van resulted in the death of the driver and injuries to two people.

The incident happened close to where Malala Yousafzai , a Pakistani Nobel laureate, was attacked by the Taliban while she was travelling back home.

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