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Scientists have Discovered a ‘Black Hole’ Brighter than Sun

Scientists discovered black hole 500 trillion Times brighter than Sun.

US scientists have discovered a ‘Black Hole ‘quasar’ 500 trillion times brighter than the Sun, believed to be the brightest and most powerful place in the universe.

According to the report, this black hole with extraordinary power has been named J0529-4351.

This black hole is basically a quasar, the central part

of a galaxy, in astronomical terms it is called an AGN, or ‘active galactic nucleus’.

Quasars are the bright cores of active galaxies, releasing unusually large amounts of energy.

They contain supermassive black holes, which are millions or billions of times more massive than the Sun and are swallowing vast amounts of matter.

According to The Guardian, a team of scientists from the Australian National University initially reported the quasar in a town near the Australian state of New South Wales, which was later confirmed by the European Southern Observatory.

Scientists have Discovered a 'Black Hole' Brighter than Sun.

Christian Wolff, author of the journal Nature Astronomy, told the European Southern Observatory, “We have discovered the brightest black hole ever discovered.”

Which is between 17 and 19 billion times the mass of the Sun, which is swallowing the same amount of material as the Sun every day as it pulls in large amounts of gas.

The disk of gas swirling around the black hole has been likened to a hurricane, which experts say emits enough energy to be 500 trillion times brighter than the Sun.

According to the researchers, the investigation of supermassive black holes can provide answers to important questions about galaxies, their evolution and uncover mysteries around the universe.

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