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Seven People Arrested for Giving Smartphones to Children to Play PUBG

Peshawar police detain seven business renting to children for gaming.

According to reports, a raid was conducted in the Faqirabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as a result of which traders were detained for the crime of playing PUBG games to children. The accused used to rent smartphones to children at Rs 60 per hour.

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The raids resulted in the sealing of two businesses and the recovery of 23 mobile phones from the people’s hands, according to Peshawar Police authorities. The authorities have reported the accused to Faqirabad police station.

They have been accused of encouraging children to play the PUBG game and other games and indulging in inappropriate behavior.

Disadvantages of smartphone

Children around the world use smartphones for various purposes. While some kids are observed talking to their buddies for hours at a time, others are spotted playing endless games on their phones.

The Internet is a place of knowledge for children. Smartphones are unquestionably beneficial, but prolonged usage and exposure might be damaging to a child’s development.

Excessive use of smartphones affects the mental and physical health of children, especially low IQ, and causes improper mental development, sleep deprivation, brain tumors and psychiatric disorders in children.

Therefore, mobile phones should be provided to children only under the necessity.

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