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Shaheen Afridi and Ansha Afridi’s Wedding Date Fixed

Shaheen Afridi and Ashna Afridi’s Wedding Date Fixed

Shaheen Shah Afridi to wed Ansha Afridi, daughter of Shahid Afridi.

Winter is the wedding season, and everyone wants to be in style. So many celebrities, social media influencers, and TikTokers have recently gotten married. Our cricketers are taking a moment of reflection among all of these people to start a new chapter in their lives. The wedding of our rising star, Shaheen Shah Afridi, will also start happening on February 3rd, 2023.

The daughter of Shahid Afridi, the former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, and Shaheen Shah Afridi, a left-arm fast bowler, is set to wed. Shaheen Shah Afridi is 22 years old. By tying the knot to him on February 3rd, Ansha Afridi, the Shahid Afridi family’s daughter, is trying to break the hearts of so many Shaheen shah Afridi fans.

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Shahid Afridi revealed in March of last year that Shaheen Shah Afridi’s family had requested his daughter’s wedding hand in marriage. Shahid Afridi didn’t take the proposal right away, though. But a couple of months later, he declared that he had agreed to Shaheen Shah Afridi’s proposal for Ansha Afridi. He did this because his future son-in-law is from the same clan as him. Additionally, he mentioned that his daughter is concentrated on her studies and hopes to achieve to be a doctor. Consequently, he made no announcements regarding the wedding.

Wedding Details:

The wedding ceremony for Shaheen Shah Afridi will be small and private. On February 3rd, Shaheen and Ansha Afridi will exchange vows during a private Nikkah ceremony held in Karachi. The nikkah will take place in keeping with their tribal traditions, followed by rukhsati, Shahid Afridi further stated. Regarding the reception dates, he said nothing.

Shaheen will return to Lahore to rejoin Lahore Qalandar after the Karachi wedding ceremony, having recovered from the leg injury he sustained during the England series.

Prior to getting engaged, Shaheen Shah Afridi and Ansha Afridi had no loving relationship. But he said in an interview that he wanted to wed Ansha, and God made that happen. So, on February 3rd, 2023, we’ll get to see them as a lovely couple.

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