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Sindh Govt Bans Display of Weapons in Polls, Announces Strict Measures

Sindh Interior Minister bans on the display of weapons during polls.

The display of weapons during polls is to be bans as announced by Sindh Caretaker Interior Minister Haris Nawaz on Wednesday, in a major step toward guaranteeing a free and secure political process.

Speaking to the media in Karachi, Nawaz emphasized the Election Commission’s duty to supervise the polls and reaffirmed the government’s resolve to fully assist the upkeep of law and order.

Concerns from across ministries were addressed during a meeting between members of the Election Commission and provincial officials.

Minister Nawaz emphasized that in order to remove any obstacles from the voting process, a robust mechanism supported by sufficient funding is required. He disclosed that in order to guarantee sufficient resources, the Chief Minister had given money to the police, rangers, and schools.

Polling Places and Security Guards

Minister Nawaz presented a thorough security plan that included 5,954 regular polling places as well as more than 12,000 critical and extremely sensitive polling places.

Twelve thousand police officers and rangers will be among the 122,000 security guards stationed outside voting places. Only authorized poll workers will be permitted inside, and they will have the ability to request extra assistance from the Rangers if needed.

Minister Nawaz emphasized the cooperation with multiple departments, revealing that 1,984 Pakistan Army soldiers, in addition to officials from the anti-corruption, forest, FC, and female health workers, will support the security endeavors.

He emphasized that there are security risks and made announcements about steps to prevent the use of private security guards.

Minister Nawaz revealed intentions to put cameras at 4,500 vulnerable polling places in an effort to increase transparency, stressing that security officers would not enter the polling booth rooms. He also shown his dedication to sustainable methods by putting in solar power at these sites.

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