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Sindh Health Dept Issues High Alert for Nipah Virus

Post-COVID, health authorities warn of Nipah virus, urging caution.

Details show that a new deadly virus called “Nipah” has started spreading in Punjab, especially in Lahore. In view of the possible threat and spread of Nipah virus, the Punjab Health Department has issued a high alert.

According to a national media report, the health department has said that Nipah is a severe virus with a fatality rate of 74 percent.

People fear that this rapidly spreading virus in nearby countries may also extend to Pakistan.

Since there is no vaccination to prevent this virus, early diagnosis is the only way to prevent it. Preliminary studies report the discovery of the virus in other animals like pigs and bats, which has subsequently spread to people.

According to the health department, if a bat consumes fruit from a tree, and a person subsequently eats the same fruit, the virus can transmit to humans.

Fruits must be cleaned thoroughly before eating. Cough, breathing problems, high fever, convulsions and mental weakness are the first symptoms of Nipah virus.

Without timely medical treatment, the patient may enter a coma within 3 to 4 days.

According to the guidelines, it is also necessary to immediately upload the data of all suspected Nipah patients to the dashboard, isolate the patients, and send their samples to the lab for PCR for immediate investigation.

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