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Smelling the fragrance helps to ward off depression

One study found that smelling a fragrance can make happy memories stronger than words in warding off depression.

Aromas can also helps people with depression to let go of negative thoughts. Is there ever a fragrance that brings back memories of a particularly memorable occasion in your life?

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A University of Pittsburgh study involved thirty-two adults between the ages of eighteen and fifty-five who were suffering from major depression.

All individuals were individually scented, including Vicks Wapo rub, ground coffee, coconut oil, cumin powder, red wine, vanilla extract, cloves, polish and ketchup.

Neuroscientists asked participants to recall a specific experience, whether positive or negative, after smelling a scent, according to the New York Post.

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The study’s lead author, Kimberly Young, reported that when chronically depressed people smelled a familiar perfume, they were more likely to recall specific memories or events than vague ones, such as a coffee shop a week ago etc.

Research by scientists

According to Kimberly Young, I found it shocking that no one had previously considered using scent to test memory in people with depression.

According to research, the amygdala, a region of the brain that focuses on specific experiences, helps retain memories and helps the body cope with danger.

Our sense of smell is linked to neurons that allow scents to stimulate the amygdala.

Young conducted the study after finding that certain scents could trigger happy memories in non-depressed people.

Aromas are said to be more powerful than words in bringing back happy memories and can help depressed people let go of bad thoughts.

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