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Tecno Presents First Liquid Zoom Camera in the World for the Phantom X

Tecno reveals groundbreaking technologies at Lens event for Phantom X.

Tecno Phantom X unique W-shaped adjustable aperture, which was modeled after a cuttlefish’s eye, is one of its highlights. This creative design seeks to lessen glare in harsh lighting conditions, like intense backlighting.

The idea is intriguing, and there is a lot of curiosity about the particular sensor and lens combination that Tecno will use in their upcoming devices in conjunction with this W-shaped shutter. Watch the shutter in operation down below.

A liquid telephoto macro lens—a first for the industry—was also unveiled by Tecno. Although liquid lens technology has been used previously, it has never been incorporated into a periscope module. Because of their size, periscope lenses usually have trouble focusing at a macro distance inside a conventional two-section housing.

Innovative Design

By using voltage to change the lens’s curvature, Tecno’s unique design allows for a smooth transition from wide to narrow focus and a macro focusing distance of as little as 5 cm. An additional benefit of this liquid lens technology is that it makes using larger sensors possible.

Nowadays, the majority of smartphones use their ultra-wide cameras to take macro photos. But these cameras’ wide perspectives frequently lead to significant image distortion. Tecno’s method, which combines a periscope zoom with a longer focal length, is a more genuine approach to macro photography and may result in better, distortion-free photos.

Tecno used the occasion to go into more detail about its Universal Tone technology. This technology improves skin tones in photos by utilizing three AI-powered engines. The Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine uses a color spectral matrix, developed through extensive research on skin color chromatics, to precisely calibrate and adjust skin tones.

The Local-Tuning Engine, crucial for identifying people in a scene, helps adjust tone mapping to create more vivid and striking images. The Computational Portrait Engine adds an attractive finish to the portraits at the end of the process.

The Phantom X camera phone series appears to be a strong contender to be the product that will introduce the liquid lens and W-shaped aperture, though Tecno hasn’t said which future products will do so. We hope to showcase these technological developments up close at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in early 2019.

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