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The Reaction of Fans came out for making Fun of Actress Meera

Fans got angry for making fun of actress Meera in a TV show.

Viewers have expressed their outrage over a TV host making fun of veteran and well-known actress Meera.

The presenter seemed to mock his spoken English.

Actress Sonia Hussain is one of those who spoke up for Meera and condemned the TV host for making fun of the veteran actor during an interview.

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In a recent viral clip of popular Pakistani star Meera, an attempt was apparently made to degrade the star.

In this clip Meera shared a meaningful quote

That it’s not important to have all the good relationships in life, but how well you treat the relationships you do have.

His message was serious, but there was a constant laugh track playing in the background mocking his spoken English.

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The situation worsened when the host asked Meera to recite the quote from memory, which seems to be a deliberate attempt to embarrass the actor.

Meera said in Urdu, I didn’t miss it, I wrote it for you.

Despite this, Meera kept her dignity and handled the situation in an unassuming manner.

Reacting to the incident, Sonia Hussain expressed her support for Meera on her Instagram story.

This is a perfect example of when people can’t get to your level, they try to bring you down to theirs.

But he smartly ignored it and said that those who need to understand will understand.

The audience criticized the host’s behavior and sympathized with Meera.

One user wrote: Fluency in English is unfairly equated with intelligence and social status. I am not ignorant because of my lack of fluency in English.

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