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The Strong Lights of the City Increases the Risk of Stroke

According to research, the Strong lights of the city can risk stroke in a person.

According to a Chinese study, Strong artificial city lights at night alter cerebral blood flow in a way that increases the risk of stroke.

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According to research, people who were exposed to the most artificial lights at night had a 43% higher risk of developing mental disorders.

Strokes are caused by blockages in arteries that cut off the brain’s blood supply and result in internal bleeding in the brain.

According to research by Jianbing Wang of Zhejiang University School of Medicine in China, people should protect themselves from artificial city lights, especially if they live in an urban environment. Save it, or at least minimize it.

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According to experts, a quarter of the world’s population is living in a light-polluted environment as a result of improper use of artificial light.

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