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Three Kids Were Killed by Gunfire in North Waziristan

Three children were shot & 2 injured in North Waziristan on Thursday.

Three kids, aged 8 to 14, were killed in the event, which occurred in the tehsil of Spinwam, according to a police spokesperson. The shooting occurred during the groom wedding ceremony.

While police are undertaking a raid to capture the suspect, the SHO of Spinwam claimed that the groom was not in a mental state to be married.

Earlier, shooting at Anwarabad, Ghotki, claimed the lives of three individuals, among them a teenage girl, and injured a number of others. Three individuals, including a 10-year-old girl, were killed in the shooting in Anwarabad during a Sundrani clan conflict over two shops.

In addition, the families of the deceased have received their dead relatives, and police have seized charge of the scene.

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