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Kamran Tesori Announces Free IT Course in Karachi

Sindh Governor announce free IT course for 1 lakh students in Karachi.

In this free IT course, modern IT skills will be taught which will be useful all over the world. 5 lakh entry test will be taken from which 5 thousand youth will be selected.

There is no fee for this test. The classes of this course will be held in the Governor House under the guidance of expert teachers.

He stated that the six-hour lessons offered at the Governor’s House will be both practical and online. Children who enrol in free modern IT courses have an opportunity to make between 3 and 5 lakh rupees each month.

He said that another person had made a promise to turn the Governor’s House into a university. But I have carried out the commitment, and I am hopeful that my plant will undoubtedly grow into a tree in the future.

Then the people of Karachi complain that sometimes they do not get opportunities and sometimes they are not represented. But now this opportunity has come, so the people of Karachi must take advantage of it

Solopreneurs trained in this program will win by automating work typically outsourced to employees, by directly connecting to customers by eliminating the middleman, and by developing vertical metaverses, thus paving the way for the first billion-dollar valued solopreneur businesses.

This program has the objective to train this new breed of billion-dollar solopreneurs. These solopreneurs will adopt the ultra-lean business model and work independently and will not need to hire employees or other team members.

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