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Today in Washington, Pak-US Defence Talks will Begin

Pakistan, US to commence defense talks Washington, bilateral military.

The four-day Pakistan-US mid-level defence conversation will continue in Washington, DC, till February 16, marking another step towards reestablishing their bilateral cooperation following a protracted period of chilly relations.

A senior delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Joint Staff Headquarters, and three Services Headquarters will be led by the Chief of General Staff of Pakistan.

The Office of the Undersecretary of Defense will speak for the opposing side.

During the four-day defence dialogue, which will go until February 16, both parties will discuss topics of bilateral defence and security cooperation.

The first session of the Dialogue between Pakistan and the US was held in a South Asian country earlier in 2021.

The defence discussion reaffirms US connections with the South Asian country and will assist Islamabad in maintaining its counterterrorism capabilities.

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