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Two People Died as Greece Fights an Expanding Wildfire Front

Greece faces 2nd deadly fire wave, battling new front; claim 2 killed.

Boeotia, a region north of Athens, the islands of Evia and Kythnos, and northeastern Greece all had unregulated fires as a result of a dangerous combination of gale-force winds and temperatures as high as 41 degrees Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit).

“Nine fronts are now operational… According to a fire department spokeswoman, it’s identical to the wave that killed five people in July.

At the hospital in Alexandroupolis, a port city in northeastern Greece where fires have been raging for four days, an evacuation order was issued late on Monday.

According to the coast guard, 65 patients were transferred to a waiting ferry at the city harbor.

Authorities late Monday evacuated the industrial town of Nea Artaki on the island of Evia, close to the capital, where the fire has devastated farms for raising chickens and pigs.

The Dadia national park, where a man’s body suspected to be an undocumented immigrant was discovered late Monday, was also under danger from the fires.

Earlier on Monday, a deceased old shepherd had also been discovered in the Boeotia region.

One of the most significant protected areas in Europe, Dadia is home to the only breeding population of black vultures in the Balkans and provides a perfect habitat for uncommon birds.

A Romanian firefighting team and two firefighting aircraft from Cyprus are being sent under the European Union’s civil protection system, the organization declared.

According to meteorologists, the extremely hot and dry circumstances that heighten the risk of fire will last until Friday.

In the southern part of Rhodes, a well-liked tourist island in the southeast Aegean Sea, a fire that erupted on July 18 and was fueled by strong winds destroyed over 17,770 hectares (more than 43,000 acres) in 10 days.

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