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Two Police Officers Become Millionaires Overnight

Two Police Officers Become Millionaires Overnight

Police officers become accidental millionaires due to salary account.

According to officials, Inspector Amir Anwar Gopang of the Investigation Division of the Bahadurabad Police Station and a constable of the Madadgar-15 service stationed in Larkana became millionaires overnight.

They claimed that roughly Rs100 million was put into Inspector Gopang’s account and Rs50 million into Constable Ali Raza’s account. Both officials repeatedly checked their accounts and attempted to contact their respective banks’ helplines for verification.

According to Gopang, he normally receives his salary on the final day of the current month or the first day of the following month. On November 1, his wife in Hyderabad notified him that the debit card he had given her was no longer valid. The card did not work the next day either.

On November 3, the inspector went to the AG Sindh office and was told that his salary had been released. He then went to the Karachi Police Office’s accounts branch and was told that his salary had been placed in his bank account.

When he went to the bank on November 4 to ask why he couldn’t access his account, the staff informed him that his account had been banned owing to his CNIC expiring.

However, he verified his CNIC and discovered that it had not expired, and he also displayed it to the bank employees. He questioned why they had not notified him before blocking his account if there was a problem.

He has, however, brought the matter to the attention of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), which has requested he return on Monday (tomorrow) for additional investigation.

The identical circumstance was witnessed in constable Raza’s case, according to officials, who added that the matter was settled at his end as well. According to them, the authorities have also been informed about his case, and the matter is being probed.

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