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Use Apple Logo on Back of iPhone as a Secret Button

Apple logo on iPhone back serves as a virtual button, unknown to many.

In operating systems running iOS 14 and later, the Apple logo can be used as a back tap. To use the Apple logo as a button, it must first be disabled. Learn how by reading on!

How to Make the Logo into a Button?

  1. To enable the iPhone Apple logo button, adhere to the instructions.
  2. Find the “Accessibility” option in the settings by opening them.
  3. Select the Accessibility Touch menu by clicking now.
  4. At the bottom of the page, scroll down and select “Back Tap.”
  5. You’ll be prompted to select between a double tap and a triple tap.
  6. After choosing the tap, decide what purpose you want to give it. A screenshot, camera, volume control, spotlight, lock screen, mute, or other features could be used.

Keep in mind that you can only select one.

Therefore, this improvement can improve functioning for all iPhone users using iOS 14 or later.

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