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“Washmallay” a New Song from Aima Baig, was Released

Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga return with ‘Washmallay’ song release.

A tribute to the Baloch tradition, the Roye Roye crooner can be seen dancing to the tune of Washmallay song in front of Bagga.

Lead vocalist shared her song’s music video. which was created by Adnan Qazi. Along with the news that it was now available for her fans to enjoy.

Enjoy a variety of ethnic events, customs, and glitzy activities. Sariki, Punjab, and Balouchi. Please proceed. Her captions were on the video.

Within two hours, the music video had over 23k likes and close to 500 comments.

I wanted to produce this song as a tribute to the Baloch culture. Their “meethi” (sweet) language, and their wonderful traditions. Baig stated last month when she revealed her next project. to pay respect to the rich culture of our most populous province.

In a message shared on her Instagram Stories. She said that while she frequently receives criticism for a variety of reasons. “rightly so, I’ve always supported our own customs. Let it be Punjabi or Seraiki. I believe that we privileged people ought to promote our long-lost, forgotten places and customs, she concluded.

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