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Weather of Karachi is Likely to Remain Humid and Hot: (PMD)

Karachi weather is expected to remain hot & humid next 2 days: (PMD)

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) predicted that the weather in Karachi will be hot and humid for the next two days.

The prolonged scorching weather is predicted to subside within two days when a westerly weather system moves into the country.

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The meteorological authority predicts dry and hot conditions for the next 24 hours, potentially resulting in temperature surges throughout the city.

The source stated that Karachi normally sees hotter temperatures at the end of March due to dry winds from Rajasthan.

However, source stated that a westerly weather system will arrive in Pakistan on March 21, bringing milder temperatures to Karachi under its influence.

Furthermore, the meteorological official stated that the return of sea winds from the southwest will help to sustain good weather conditions in the city.

Source also discounted the possibility of a heatwave occurring in the city.

With the impending heatwave, the lowest expected temperature in Karachi is 18.5 degrees Celsius, a huge change from current conditions.

Furthermore, the humidity level is at 38%, worsening the general scorching and arid conditions.

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