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What is the Roles and Responsibilities of Lawyer

A lawyer refers to a certified practitioner providing legal services.

As far as professional personality is concerned, the professional characteristics of lawyer, such as being close to the people, speaking up for justice, and being eloquent, are quite consistent with the personality requirements of the role of a politician. Lawyers are indeed one of the best candidates to become politicians.

In the Western context, a lawyer is indeed a professional role that is in close contact with politics, and it has been proved that it is the most likely to be among the political circles and even the center of power. Western lawyers are often able to rank among the political circles and even enter the center of power with prominent political status.

Career definition

Occupation definition: Lawyer is a profession that maintains fairness and justice, guarantees basic human rights, escorts enterprises and economic entities, and provides advice to people around them.

Definition of personality: A lawyer is an envoy who pursues uninterruptedly, constantly controls dreams and reality, and uninterruptedly realizes the spirit of “decorating the world with reason and acting in accordance with the law“.

What is the Roles and Responsibilities of Lawyer

Task Responsibilities

Work content: 

Serve as an agent in civil cases or a defender in criminal cases, and participate in litigation as an agent;
Handle non-litigation legal affairs and participate in negotiations;
Research and solve difficult problems encountered in lawyers’ business activities;
Direct the business work of paralegals.


Carry out relevant legal affairs in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, as well as lawyers’ professional ethics and practice discipline.


Manage the daily affairs of the law firm.

Act as case attorney

Job Assessment Requirements:

Work assessment requirements: conduct annual inspections and assessments of law firms, mainly to check and assess the situation of law firms abiding by the Constitution and laws, fulfilling statutory duties, and implementing self-discipline management, specifically including the following contents:
The construction of the lawyer team Development status;
Lawyer practice performance;
Internal management status;
Administrative rewards and punishments and industry rewards and punishments;

Working Environment


The office building is located in a commercial office building, and the decoration is relatively bright and modern.
2. In terms of physical environment, lawyers generally work in office buildings. Each lawyer has at least his own cubicle. As his strength improves, he will gradually have his own office or even his own law firm, and arrange his own working environment.


Specific description of the environment:

The clients that the law firm contacts are mainly corporate executives and bosses, so at the same time, the law firm is also well-decorated to provide better hardware facilities and environment for clients and lawyers. The office of the law firm has an excellent external environment and complete infrastructure.

Second, the working team: has its own team of lawyers. The daily work is mainly to cooperate with the team, and to be able to live in harmony and harmony with other team members. A team should support each other, cooperate with each other, encourage each other, recognize each other, and start from the perspective of problem solving, tolerance and sense of ownership.

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