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What will be the Destination of Independent Candidates this Time?

Possible destinations of independent candidates in upcoming elections.

Independent candidates frequently contribute new viewpoints to the political scene since they are not constrained by party membership.

During or after 1992, it was not in anyone’s imagination that the captain of the successful team, for which the entire country had prayed for victory, became a hero and then became a criminal for 10 and 14 years. Will be imprisoned.

It is true that most of the criminals do not confess their crime, but the person who became so popular after successive failures in the field of politics to meet the demands of justice, to be accountable, to catch the criminals and actually punish them.

And if he became the prime minister, the same charges will be imposed on him, according to which he became a confessed rebel and criminal. Should it be called a conspiracy, a game of luck, a decision of fate or a revenge? However, we have seen two episodes of what was to happen and what is to happen. What’s left will be revealed next week in the decade.

Aleema Khan, the sister of the founder of PTI, created a lot of anger among the lawyers, especially those who wanted to strike, protest and put pressure on the bar councils.

They are very unhappy and why should not Latif Khosa contest the assembly elections or the case and then the recording of the alleged call between Bushra Bibi and Latif Khosa has also come to the fore.

It feels like Yahya Bakhtiar was fighting Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s case under section 302 without mentioning 302, even now the lawyers have kept the same tradition alive.

Professional Responsibilities

Lawyers charge fees for their time and advice, very few leave their professional responsibilities to do other work, especially political work. Either their client will lose or they themselves will lose. The client was imprisoned and lost and his victory cannot be said with absolute certainty.

Uncertain elections are about to take place now, political parties are in full swing, the indications are that who will form the government, but it is also felt that independent candidates will win more than the candidates who adhere to the principles of political parties. will go. What will be their destination?

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is once again heading for intra-party elections. This trip is also likely to prove futile in my opinion. Yes, if there is anything left until the 2029 elections, it will work, otherwise, the glare and power of power and then its use destroys the entire human personality.

Moods change, manners lose their color. Power addiction is more than any other addiction. Houses of power have their own styles and blunders. Often they get lost in these ways and the political heirs keep on posting wanted ads.

Papers Rejected

The organization of PTI has disintegrated, the voter remains, but the voter is not a party worker. In which forum will the online nomination, scrutiny, rejected papers be heard during vacations? Those who become officials will contest the national elections or come to Islamabad and inform about their position.

There is a strong possibility that the intra-party elections may not take place and even if formal proceedings are taken, many objections will be heard again.

The voter has to decide, but the government is not yet visible, so what is the point of fighting? Of course, there will be women and certain minority seats.

The election tribunal is the only way to restore the nomination papers of women whose nomination papers have been rejected.

Shumai fate that their time has also passed, yes can happen under Article 199 of the Constitution if the stamp paper is not signed by some people regarding their success and future.

Then the Election Commission of Pakistan allots election symbols to the candidates before holding the elections. Independent members elected with the consent of the parties allotted election symbols can join the parliamentary group of the said party by submitting their affidavit to the Election Commission within three days of the official announcement and this process is irreversible.

Political Conflict

Earlier it was mentioned that independent candidates will win more than party candidates. History is a witness that in the elections from 1970 to 2018, independent candidates used to win the election battle automatically.

The 1988 elections were held in a very tense, tense and political conflict, the whole country was a victim of political division, but more than 40 seats of the National Assembly were won by independent candidates from the members of several parties.

It was the same in 1970, in 2008 there were 29 independent members, in 2013 there were 27 independent members and in 2018 there were 12 such elected members. Now some 200 independent candidates call themselves candidates of political parties while PTI won 118 general seats in 2018.

When the Pakistan Muslim League (N) won a two-thirds majority, it won 135 seats and in 2013 it formed a government with 129 seats. PPP formed the government in 2008 by winning only 91 general seats.


If PTI expels 40 independent members out of 118 seats, for example, then only 78 members can win as independents, which does not seem likely at present.

There is no advertising campaign, no news or advertisement on the media, no program, no rally, no candidate, no camp, no worker, no noise, no uniform program.

The date of the election of the president will be announced in February itself, probably the new president will be elected in the first week of March. Similarly, the posts of Chairman Senate, Deputy Chairman Senate will also be vacant on 11th of March. Speaker National Assembly, Deputy Speaker National Assembly will also be newly elected.

Due to its unwise approach, PTI will not be able to elect any of them because they will not have a share in the specific seats in the national and provincial assemblies and due to the lack of specific seats in the provincial assembly, the election of senators will also be difficult for PTI. It will not be easy for I. There is no possibility of the President being from PTI.

In such a situation, we should think whether our representative is responsible for our problems, including our identity, future, education, health, external debt, economic recovery, good treatment of minorities, language conflicts, terrorism, ending oppression, promoting tolerance, tolerance and We can do something to solve them, including patience and respect for our women.

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