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Where should books be donated?

Donating your unwanted books to reduce your book collection is great.

Giving up your favorite books is a difficult decision, but donating the same book is a good decision and there is no point in keeping novels and stories that you are sure you will never read again. Especially if your shelves are full of books gathering dust, it’s best to have someone else read them and enjoy them. They have a wise decision to give it to someone else so that someone else can fall in love with them.

There are many organizations where you can donate your books.

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Charities should donate used books

This is a great opportunity to help the needy and participate in some acts of kindness. This gives you an opportunity to benefit others by donating your used book collection to a good cause.

There are many book charities that work to donate books to the most needy people in the country. However, such organizations welcome donations of book.
Some institutions even buy your unwanted book from you. Once your book are sold, the proceeds help the charity fund this important work.

Share the joy of reading with others by donating your book to a charity store. All you need to do is find a store that will accept your books and deliver them there. However, charity shops receive a large number of book donations, which means they must use their own resources to find, price and sell them.

The library

When considering a book donation, the library is often the first place that comes to mind. Although many libraries do not, some may accept your unwanted books. The resources required for a library to accept book contributions are what most people overlook.

Donations must be received, checked and stored by the library. They will then need to arrange the new books on their shelves, apply labels and barcodes, process them for inclusion in the online catalog, and process them for processing. All of these will result in a lot of work for librarians, which will cost the library money.

Additionally, while some of your used book may be in great shape, many will not be. The library does not accept such books.

The type of books you have will also determine whether donating them to the library is the best option for you. For example, if they are likely to include outdated information such as encyclopedias, textbook, and books of older non-fiction works, the library will not accept them.

We recommend calling your local library to confirm whether or not they will take your book before deciding to donate them.

Nursery and school

If your children have outgrown nursery and school, your local nursery and school may be interested in purchasing a bundle of children’s books from you. Because there’s nothing better than introducing a new generation to the joys of a good book.

You will need to find another source to donate the rest of the books as this option only allows you to donate children’s book.

Again, call ahead to confirm if they will support the book.

Advice on donating book
Make sure you ask before donating books anywhere. Especially if you plan to make large donations. Donations may be subject to conditions or only accepted during certain hours.

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