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Woman’s Body Found in Suitcase-Packed in Karachi

Woman’s body found in suitcase near Chuna Depot stream, Liaquatabad.

Near a stream, the police allegedly discovered a bag containing a woman’s body.

An unidentified woman and a male who arrived in a rickshaw left the suitcase and fled, according to the initial investigation.

Police have not yet released the victim’s name. However, they discovered signs of torture on the corpse.

According to the police, the killers disguised their crime by stuffing the woman’s body into a suitcase and throwing it away. The hospital conducted a post-mortem on the body.

In Karachi, thieves shot and killed a 72-year-old man. According to reports, a young man rushed home after withdrawing money from a bank in Qasba Islamia Colony.

The young man, crossing the doorway of his home, shouted in terror, claiming motorcycle-riding robbers were following him.

His grandfather hurried to the door after hearing the youth’s screams. Dacoits started shooting as he unlocked the door, and the elderly guy was killed as a result. He passed away instantly.

The dacoits stole one million rupees from the house after killing the elderly guy. The incident’s CCTV footage also appeared later.

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