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YouTube Released a New Ad Policy

YouTube ad policy poses challenges for TV users, top video-sharing.

As YouTube will allow 30-second ad in content viewed on TV are being added, which cannot be carried forward.

According to foreign media reports, YouTube has said that viewers will watch one 30-second ad instead of two consecutive 15-second ads.

But this does not mean that short-term ads will be permanently eliminated.

According to reports, YouTube has confirmed that the 30-second commercials would be made accessible to marketers through the YouTube Select platform, which focuses on the top 5% of YouTube content.

Long-form advertisements work well on YouTube because it receives 70% of its select impressions from TV.

According to media News reports, YouTube CEO Neil Mohan said during the Brandcast event that the number of people watching YouTube on the big screen in their homes is increasing.

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Policy Impacts:

  • With its new ad strategy, YouTube is now able to run advertisements on any type of video, not only the more well-known channels included in its partner program (YPP).
  • Additionally, the site won’t give content producers a cut of the money it generates from these adverts.
  • According to professionals in digital marketing, marketers, content providers, and consumers will all be impacted by YouTube’s updated terms of service.
  • For instance, advertisers would have the freedom to select the content providers on which they would like to place an advertisement.
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