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10 Year Old Tech Genius Becomes Teacher at Karachi University

Karachi’s Amna genius defies norms, aspires to be a data scientist.

Through the Saylani Techno Kids program in Karachi, Genius Amna was exposed to technology at a young age, which paved the way for her quick advancement. The budding programmer soon mastered HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and even dabbled in hosting on sites like GitHub and Firebase. In the Rechnokids program, where she immersed herself in a variety of computer courses like Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite, and Canva, her perseverance paid off when she earned the third spot citywide.

Amna’s talent wasn’t overlooked despite her youth. She got the attention of her teacher and sister after finishing an HTML job in a speedy manner. This resulted in an unexpected internship offer, which ultimately led to employment at Karachi University as an assistant professor. She attends traditional education and Saylani’s online classes while concurrently continuing her technical training at software companies connected to the university.

Amna has goals that go beyond her own accomplishments. She wants to open up technological education to everyone, especially kids from middle-class and lower-middle-class families. Her commitment to closing the socioeconomic technology gap is evidence of her empathy and desire to empower young people.

Amna’s story serves as an encouraging example of how age need not be a barrier to making a positive effect in the fields of technology and education, as she continues to flourish in both her teaching role and her own learning path.

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