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300 Year Old Documents Discovered in a Haveli in Lahore

300-year-old documents found at Kharak Singh’s Haveli, Lahore Qila.

These priceless records contain not only unique maps but also vital details on the Mughal and Sikh tombs. Specialists from the Walled City Authority are currently subjecting the manuscripts to an arduous cleaning process after centuries of preservation inside Kharak Singh’s Haveli in Lahore.

A group of dedicated researchers has received the old manuscripts and is gradually revealing their hidden knowledge.

These records span a huge history, covering the development and fall of civilizations from the Buddhist era through the Mughal Empire, Sikh control, and even the British colonial period, according to archaeologists working on the project.

The treasures discovered include rare maps from an era when the world was still learning about ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley.

Preserving this historical gem should take precedence. The use of specialized brushes, stone weights, gloves, and safety goggles ensures the documents’ integrity during the cleaning procedure.

The finding of these documents in Kharak Singh’s Haveli has the potential to alter how people view the history of the area. These historical documents can illuminate the rich tapestry of history that has played out in the center of Lahore by revealing the past and inspiring present generations.

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