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Impact of Criticism on ‘Mayi Ri’ Actress Aina Asif

Aina Asif, Mayi Ri actress, criticized Annie and Fakhir’s love story.

Despite the drama’s enormous popularity, people on social media criticized the portrayal of the young couple’s love story. Aina Asif spoke on Good Morning Pakistan recently on how challenging it was to handle all the criticism. People described her as quite sensitive and mentioned that she found it difficult to handle criticism from Asif.

The actress claimed that although her family, co-stars, and, in particular, her director comforted her, she was still able to handle it.

Mayi Ri has become everyone’s favorite because of her focus on early-age, forced, and cousin marriage most notably, how it affects the lives of children. Ainee and Fakhir, a young couple who are also cousins and attend school, are the focus of Mayi Ri. They are pressured by their families into getting married, which harms their future, family, and personal lives as well as their schooling.

The long-standing family custom of young brides and grooms forcing their fates together without consent. But because of their shared family, they struggle to make their relationship work despite their differences.

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